Orphanages in Asia and Pacific:

St. John's Orphanage - Sri Lanka
Herman's Girls' Home - Sri Lanka
Bishop Ambalavanar Memorial Girls Home - Sri Lanka
Lawrence Hyde Boys' Home - Sri Lanka
Singithi Sevana - Sri Lanka
Ratmalana Hindu Orphanage - Sri Lanka
Change Their Life - Sri Lanka
Uthawi Orphanages - Sri Lanka
Charfassion Orphanage - Bangladesh
The Bottomley Home Orphanage - Bangladesh
Bahay Kalinga Orphanage - Bangladesh
Latifa Khatun Forkania Orphanage - Bangladesh
Phu Lam Orphanage - Vietnam
Nha Tinh Thuong Huong Duong Orphanage - Vietnam
Hoi Duc Anh Orphanage - Vietnam
Long Hoa Charity House - Vietnam
Saint An's Orphanage - Vietnam
The DieuGiac-Temple Orphanage - Vietnam
Phatthaya Yellow pages / Orphanages - Thailand
The Phatthaya Orphanage - Thailand
Tree of Life House Mission of Praise Christian Children's Center and Orphanage
Buriram - Thailand
Tree of Life House - Thailand
Viengping Children's Home I - Thailand
Buckner Orphan Care International - Thailand
Khaodee Orphanage - Thailand
Baan Unrak - Thailand
Ban San Faan - Thailand
Safe Haven Orphanage - Thailand
Sacred Portion Children's Outreach - Philippines
Shalom Bata Rescue Centre - Philippines
St. Joseph House - Philippines
Easter Village Orphanage - Philippines
Children's Shelter of Cebu - Philippines
Orphanage (House of Joy) - Philippines
Bahay Kalinga Orphanage - Philipines
Nehemiah House for Girls - Philipines
Philippine Vision Ministry
Kalinga ng Ama Shelter for Children - Philippines
Sampaloc Tany Rizal Children's Home, Philippines
Mount Zion Orphanages - Philippines
Subic's Bay Children's Home - Philippines
Watan Orphanage for Afghan Orphans
RAWA orphanages for Afghan Orphans
Orphanages of Afghanistan
The Children's Home - Nepal
Namaste House - Nepal
Hopeful Home for Orphans and Helpless Children - Nepal
Oshin Child Development Center Nepal - Nepal
Feet Ministries Orphanage - Nepal
Hope & Home - Nepal
Prayas Nepal
Home for Orphan Children of Nepal
Bethany Children's Home - Nepal
Huazhou Babies Welfare Institution - China
Jubilee Hubei Ministries - China
Home of Hope - China
Foundation for Chinese Orpahanages
Chongqing Children's Welfare Institute - China
Homeland Children's Foundation, Inc. - China
Maoming Welfare Institute, Maoming - China
Kunming Welfare Home - China
Gaoming Social Welfare Institute - China
Children from Shantou - China
New Day Foster Home - China
Adoption in China
AdoptChaoHu - China
YiWu Families Association - China
Families With Children From Quzhou - China
Families With Children From Tongling - China
Half the Sky Foundation - China
The Lotus Children's Centre - Mongolia
Asian Hope/House of Abraham - Cambodia
The Future Light Orphanage - Cambodia
Yatim Piatu list organization - Indonesia
Yayasan Penyantun Yatim dan Dhuafa - Indonesia
Alas-Kasih Orphanage - Indonesia
Compassion 4 Kids - Indonesia
Pak Orphanage Project - Indonesia
PSSWS Orphanage - Pakistan
Faith and Hope Ministry Orphanage - Pakistan
Sung Bin Yeo Sa Orphanage - South Korea
The Handicap Children's Welfare Home (Ipoh) - Malaysia
Orphanages in Asia and Pacific:

LAP Orphan Home - India
REAL Orphan Home - India
St Pauls Educational & Welfare Association Orphanage - India
JCM Orphanage - India
ARDS Orphan Children Home - India
Holy Land Orphanage - India
Ashanilaya Orphanage - India
Jesus Christ Orphan Home - India
GOM Human Welfare Center Orphanage - India
Living Hope Orphanage - India
Glory Orphanage - India
TNSSS Orphanage - India
Human Welfare Center and Orphanage Home - India
Samalkot Orphan Home - India
Team Vision - India
Mercy and Grace - India
Mercy Home - India
Samparc Orphanage (Children's Village) - India
RDAS La Maison de Sagesse - India
St. Paul's Aids Affected Children Home - India
His Children Ministries - India
International Orphanage Relief Society (IORS) - India
Upper Room Mercy Home - India
Jehovah Shammah Children's Home - India
Immanuel Children's Home - India
SMSS HinduMahila Mandiram - India
Grace Orphanage - India
Divine Onkar Mission - India
Markaz Darul Yatama (Boys / Girls) - India
Global New Life Center Madras - India
Sharing a Smile Ministries - India
Haven Home Orphanage - India
Children Walking Tall - India
India-GSM - India
Dazzling Stone Orphanage & School - India
Littlewoods Children's Home - India
Bala Gurukulam Orphanage - India
Premananda Orphanage Centre - India
Happy Children Home - India
Sharing a Smile Ministries - India
Angel Orphanage Home - India
Bethesda Life Center - India
Bethany Home - India
Children for Jesus - India
CPM Trust Orphanage - India
New Shalem Family Center - India
St. Crispins Home - India
The Kanji Project - India
Kindertehuis The Cross-Point Eluru - India
Stichting Ondergrondse Kerk - India
The Orphans In Need Gujarat - India
Mercy Home Kids - India
Anbu Illam - India
Aswasabhavan - India
Karna Prayag Trust - India
El Shaddai Charitable Trust - India
The Sadhana Trust, India
Bethel Orphanage - India
Mission of Joy - India
New Life Mission School - India
Blossom Dayspring Home - India
Good Life Ministries - India
Pastor Raju's Little Angels - India
Netaji Memorial Orphans Residential School - India
Emmanuel Gospel Mission Family for Orphans - India
Gospel for India
Kamaliya Trust Chennai - India
Mother Children's Home - India
St. Thomas Orphanage - India
Dazzling Stone Orphanage - India
Baptist Orphanage for Girls - India
House of Hope Narsapur - India
House of Hope Orissa - India
House of Hope Guntur - India
SMSS Hindu Mahila Mandiram - India
Abalashram - India
Wynad Muslim Orphanage - India
Divine Children's Home - India
Worldwide Faith Missions - India
Children of Faith Ministries - India
Compassion Children Home - India
Brothers Charities International - India
New and Living Way Children’s Home - India
Joel Children Home - India
Angels' Place - India
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